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Heat pumps for air conditioning in big environments in summer and winter: now there are!

INNOVA presents OKKI, the heat pump for air-conditioning big environments during all seasons in an efficient, ecological and economical way. It offers optimal comfort for the user, while guaranteeing a quiet environment and significantly easier installation than other systems.

OKKI is characterised by its advanced technology, with the Smart jet system complete with motorised, self-directed nozzles. These nozzles regulate the direction and temperature of the air independently, preventing stratification and ensuring that the required temperature is constantly maintained in the occupied zone.

OKKI's operation is divided into 3 phases:

  1. Pre-heating: during start-up, the nozzles are directed into a horizontal position.
  2. Rapid heating: once it delivers air at the optimum temperature, the power is maximised and the nozzles directed downwards, ensuring rapid heating of the occupied area.
  3. Maintenance operation with air blade effect: once the temperature of the area occupied has achieved the desired level of comfort, OKKI finely modulates the power output. Now the Smart Jet system gradually orients the nozzles into a horizontal position, guaranteeing an 'air blade' that serves as a thermal barrier.

The advantages of OKKI:

  • High energy efficiency
  • Constant thermal comfort
  • Precision temperature control
  • Stratification maximisation
  • Sustainable energy efficiency
  • Reduction of operating costs

OKKI the intelligent air conditioning for all seasons.