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New catalogues for Filomuro and ..2.0
Graphic redesign and many news!

New catalogues for Filomuro and ..2.0 by INNOVA: in addition to a new cover and updated images, many new products!

For Filomuro there are two main innovations:

  • Filomuro XL, the fancoil with increased power
  • Filomuro Built in, the totally concealed wall-mounted fancoil

Filomuro XL is the wall-mounted fancoil with capacity, suitable for installations where extra power is needed, such as lounges or large spaces.

Filomuro Built in is the innovative solution that completely hides into the wall.

“..2.0” news are:

  • ..2.0 MINI, the 81 cm wide air conditioner without external unit, with propane gas (R290).
  • ..2.0 15 HP, the air conditioner without external unit with extra-large performance

..2.0 MINI is only 81 centimetres wide, the smallest in its category, suitable for narrow spaces. It is also the first air conditioner to use R290 (propane) gas. An exceptional job to ensure perfect operation of the appliance with less than 150g of gas, the limit imposed by legislation. ..2.0 MINI has an environmental impact in terms of GWP (Global Warming Potential) of 3, compared to 2088 for R410 and 675 for R32.

..2.0 15 HP DC Inverter, with 202 mm holes, with the same other dimensions, manages to provide more power, while maintaining performance and noise standards unchanged. It uses R32 refrigerant gas.