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INNOVA Atelier is born
The meeting and training point entirely dedicated to INNOVA products and technology

INNOVA Atelier is born, the first showroom entirely dedicated to INNOVA products and technology

Born from the synergy between INNOVA and Balice Consulting srl, INNOVA Atelier is an exhibition space located in Lissone, in the heart of Brianza. The exhibition includes a large part of the INNOVA range, from fancoils to heat pumps to controlled mechanical ventilation. A real strategic space and a point of reference for all professionals and end users looking for high quality solutions from both a technological and aesthetic point of view.

In INNOVA Atelier it is possible to see the several innovative and technological solutions developed by the company, experiencing first-hand their energy efficiency, reliability and eco-sustainability .

To deal with the training and engagement activities towards architects and designers, the Atelier Manager is Micaela Balice, heart and soul of the project, graduated at the Mendrisio Academy.