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MCE 2020: Plan B!
INNOVA changes program

The extraordinarity of these days, the postponement of trade fairs and conferences, including MCE, forced us to develop a B PLAN with respect to our initial programs.

Aware of the delicacy of the moment we are going through, we still want to continue with our commitment so that all the innovations planned for Mostra Convegno are not lost in these months of waiting.


There were many innovations that we should have presented at MCE, so much so that our slogan was "Each product, a product news!" But given the recent changes and the postponement of the event we also decided to make a change, launching a new program:

Every week, a news!

That's right, you got it right! News every week! From March until the next MCE date, 08 - 11 September 2020 (mark it on your agenda!), every week we will present many of the INNOVA news!

However, this does not mean that there will be nothing new to see at the new Mostra Convegno appointment. For that occasion we keep the other news (many!) being launched from 2021. We are waiting for you!

Visit the products section to find out all the news!