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INNOVA price list 2022
Graphic redesign and new products for INNOVA's 2022 Price List

Fresh off the press, the INNOVA 2022 price list has many new features - from the cover to the many product and accessory updates.

In addition to the new look, there are many new products and accessories:

  • new geothermal or groundwater heat pumps eHPoca GEO WW and 3in1 GEO WW built-in
  • the range of air conditioners without external unit ..2.0 entirely in R32
  • Ducto Multi, the integrated multi-zone ductable fancoil
  • HRC+ the decentralised heat recovery unit with high efficiency and flow rate
  • new accessories for Heat recovery Ventilation

Each INNOVA product is conceived, developed and designed in-house, in the futuristic Research and Development Pavilion at the Storo (Trento) headquarters.

Many innovations and solutions for improved living comfort.