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Ecobonus 2021 and discount on invoice (Italy)
The INNOVA proposal

Ecobonus 2021 represents an extraordinary stimulus to carry out renovation and efficiency works in the home, and beyond.

INNOVA, with its range of heat pumps, fancoils, heat recovery units, VMC systems, is the ideal company to find solutions that improve home comfort by ensuring the necessary improvement in terms of energy labeling of the building.

In addition, INNOVA proposes itself as a partner in the survey directly by the installer, or by the retailer, any discount on the invoice (both 65% and 100%) forallthe thermo-hydraulic supply made to the customer. This, provided that in the package, for the items of interest, there are INNOVA products.

An excellent opportunity for installers and resellers to close the sale with the discount on the invoice applied to the customer, and then recovered through INNOVA.

For more detailed information write to To find out more about the concessions connected to the Ecobonus 2021, and to know more about the INNOVA proposal.