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The STØNE heat pump selected for the ADI Design Index 2021 is aiming for the Compasso d'Oro.

On October 27th, the ADI Design Museum in Milan hosted the 2021 edition of the ADI Design Index, the presentation of the design products for the next Compasso d'Oro. 1017 projects were presented, only 233 were selected by the ADI (Industrial Design Association) permanent design observatory. Selection in the ADI Design Index is the only prerogative that allows products, projects and services of all kinds to participate in the XVII edition of the Compasso d'Oro Award, the oldest and most important award in the world of design, since 1954.

Among the excellences of the best Italian design selected, could not miss STØNE "the heat pump not to be hidden any more".

Designed by Luca Papini, the STØNE heat pump by INNOVA stands out in all those contexts where perfect space management and a high aesthetic level are essential elements of the project. In addition to the very low aesthetic impact, STØNE is characterised both by its reduced installation footprint and the high number of configurations available, making it the ideal solution for any project. STØNE offers the best performance in terms of efficiency, comfort, silence and guarantees considerable energy savings in both heating and domestic hot water production, thanks to high levels of seasonal coefficient of performance. In perfect harmony with the guidelines indicated by the ADI Design Index 2021, the STØNE heat pump by INNOVA is characterised both by its originalitỳ and functional and typological innovation, and by the very high attention paid to environmental respect.