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INNOVA becomes Authorized Economic Operator (AEO)!
Important recognition for INNOVA

Important recognition for INNOVA

INNOVA has obtained from the Customs Authorities the status ofAuthorized Economic Operator (AEO - Authorized Economic Operator) - which certifies a situation of reliability to specification of a particular subject towards customs authorities and is part of the new computerization procedures in relations between private parties and authorities in charge of control activities in international trade.

This certification is recognized only to internationally active economic operators who positively qualify with respect to other operators, as they are considered reliable and safe in the supply chain.

INNOVA is particularly proud of this result, not only for the clear propensity for international markets at the basis of this recognition, but also for having demonstrated, after long and strict controls, to be fully qualified, at an overall organizational level (production, logistics, administration), to deserve this recognition that will simplify the customs procedures to which INNOVA is subjected daily for export activities.