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INNOVA at the 39th AiCARR National Conference.
Energy requalification of the built environment: technical and finance solutions

A day full of appointments was the 39th AiCARR National Conference titled "Riqualificazione energetica del patrimonio edilizio: soluzioni tecniche e finanziarie" held on Friday, September 8th 2023, at the University of Naples Federico II.

As a member and industrial advisory board member of AiCARR, INNOVA, also the event sponsor, had the opportunity to actively participate with a presentation focused on the retrofitting of building systems using the WLHP (WaterLoop Heat Pump) system. Speaker of the presentation Oreste Bottaro.

Thanks to AiCARR for their availability and organization. It was an important opportunity to share knowledge, ideas, and innovations in the field of energy efficiency and sustainability and to engage with other professionals on the topic of decarbonization.

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