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INNOVA a Klimahouse 2020
Present at Bolzano Fair with several confirmations and important news.

Great attendance at INNOVA booth at the latest edition of Klimahouse, the trade Fair for renovation and energy efficiency in buildings held in Bolzano from 22 to 25 January 2020

Several professionals who visited our booth showed great interest in INNOVA’s “classics”:

  • 3in1, the heat pump for heating, cooling and domestic hot water
  • ..2.0, the air conditioner without external unit in horizontal or vertical version
  • STØNE, the recessed and exposed heat pump with vertical air delivery
  • AirLeaf SL, the slim fan coil for high efficiency
  • BEE®, the heat recovery unit from waste water.

The highlight of this year's exhibition was HRA-i SLIM, the new INNOVA heat pump air renewal and purification unit. It is an extremely efficient product, which allows false ceiling installation of the innovative combined passive and thermodynamic recovery technology with DC inverter compressor even in homes with ceilings with height “only” 2700 mm.

HRA-i SLIM only needs 300 mm. for its installation (false ceiling included), effectively overcoming the constraints of the legislation that require having a useful height of at least 2400 mm. after the false ceiling) in order to avoid the obligation to install the unit exclusively in special technical rooms.

This applicative possibility was made possible thanks to the use of the new horizontal DC inverter compressor completely designed and developed internally by INNOVA which allowed to reduce the height of the