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Heat Pump Award 2023
INNOVA winner in the "Decarbuilding" category with the project "Water-Loop Heat Pump for heating systems retrofit in existing buildings".

On the 27th-28th of September 2023 in Brussels, at the Marriott Grand Place Hotel, the HP Forum organised by EHPA (European Heat Pump Association) entitled "Advancing REPowerEU in HeatBeat: the Heat Pump Accelerator" was held; the prestigious heat pump event, where new possibilities for a sustainable future were explored.

The expansion of the use of heat pumps is essential to reduce the use of fossil gas in heating and cooling houses, buildings and industry. The European Commission's REPowerUE plan sets the goal of doubling the implementation rate and refers to increasing equipment production and facilitating access to finance.

The HP Forum was an opportunity to share visions, knowhow and competences to expand the role of heat pump technologies in our society in the context of the European Green Deal. The aim is to serve as a co-creation platform for the heat pump strategy and accelerator.

The main moment of the event was the award ceremony for the HP Award 2023: an prize for excellence in the application of heat pumps:

  • Collect best practice examples of Heat Pumps in urban areas to present to EU authorities
  • Create role models for those who still hesitate to change
  • Raise people’s awareness of the potential of Heat Pumps
  • Recognise the innovative and continuous work in the sector

The contest requires innovative projects in 5 categories:

  • Heat Pump City of the Year
  • Decarbindustry
  • Decarbuilding (residential and commercial)
  • Lighthouse heat pump
  • People’s choice

With the technology of Water-Loop air conditioning systems combined with the new WLHP (Water Loop Heat Pump) terminals applied to existing buildings, the pipe system can be reused in full, therefore avoiding heavy building work.

The primary heat pump will produce water in the circuit at a neutral temperature and with a flow rate compatible with pipes with low or no insulation and with diameters and distributions that are typical of common radiators (for example 20 to 35 °C in both winter and summer).

Existing high-temperature room terminals (mainly radiators) are replaced with extremely quiet and stylish water/air heat pump terminals (WLHP). These units exchange heat with the water loop at medium temperature and through the vapour compression refrigeration cycle, heat or cool and dehumidify the ambient air. The distribution with the piping present (water loop), will act as a connection between the primary heat pump and the terminals, also in heat pump, mainly installed in place of the “old” radiators.

From a boiler and radiators, it will then be possible to switch to a new system with a heat pump for both heating and summer air-conditioning through a simple and quick installation. The water loop can eventually become the water/water heat pump source for individual DHW production as well.