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Energiesprong Italia
Italy's first energy and seismic upgrading project, which opens up the horizon of factory-produced green building.

The first Energiesprong project (from the Dutch for 'energy leap'), a revolutionary model created in the Netherlands with the aim of upgrading the building stock through an innovative process with highly prefabricated technical solutions, is now underway in Italy.

The programme, promoted by EDERA, is based on transforming old, energy-hungry houses into beautiful, comfortable, zero-impact dwellings, using savings on energy bills and maintenance to repay the costs of the work.

The initiative, which has already been successfully adopted in more than 6,000 buildings in many European countries, has recorded significant achievements:

  • more than 50 per cent reduction in intervention time
  • nearly zero energy performance
  • guarantee of housing continuity
  • guarantee of up to 30 years of industrially manufactured and assembled components
  • cost reduction of 30% to 40% compared to a traditional approach

The challenge, won by Wood Beton with an integrated nZEB solution and envelope installed in a week without scaffolding, through an integrated and industrialised construction system, is to upgrade buildings with off-site technologies and without disturbing the inhabitants, at the same costs as traditional.

The role of INNOVA

INNOVA contributed to the plant engineering strategy in close collaboration with the companies involved in the supply chain: Wood Beton as General Contractor together with Caparol and Rockwool who handled the insulation and surface finishing.

The generation of heating, cooling and DHW is managed with Air/Water monobloc heat pumps with cascade operation positioned in a special technical compartment in the roof and combined with solar photovoltaic with storage and solar thermal for the integration of DHW production.

As terminals of the system, AirLeaf fancoils have been installed in view and flush-mounted on the ceiling, positioned on the external walls or in the immediate vicinity; elegant design and particularly small dimensions (only 129 mm deep), for heating, cooling and dehumidification. Thanks to the DC inverter tangential fan with continuous modulation and electronic modulating regulation, the terminal reaches the selected temperature in the shortest possible time and keeps it constant in maximum silence, with very low electricity consumption and perfect operating stability.

The system is controlled by means of remote wall-mounted electronic controls that, thanks to the integrated wi-fi antennas, allow for local and remote management through the use of the INNOVA APP without additional electrical wiring; customised summer and winter programming, weekly time programming, and management of the main functions.

  • Porto Mantovano
  • Treviglio
  • Vicenza
  • Comun Nuovo (BG)
  • Thiene (VI)
  • Milano (torri e asilo)
First project - Corte Franca (BS)

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