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INNOVA 2021 Price List:
Graphic redesign and new products for INNOVA 2021 Price List

“Product” has always been a must for INNOVA - not only for R&D , but also for marketing activities.

Fresh off the press, the new INNOVA 2021 price list is presented with a new design, with a lively cover, designed by Federico Castelli -OSMO, that contains all the main features of INNOVA products.

Each product is conceived, developed and designed in the company, in the futuristic Research and Development Pavilion located in the Storo (Trento) headquarters.

In addition to the graphics, there are many new products and accessories included: new STØNE heat pumps, new VMC range models… and last but not least the ..2.0 MINI (R290 Propane gas), the 2.0 15 HP and the Filomuro XL.