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..2.0 MINI
INNOVA's green choice

..2.0 MINI is the new line of air conditioners without outdoor unit that uses propane (R290) as natural refrigerant. A product that combines high energy performance with a low environmental impact, perfectly in line with European directives.


Easy to Install!

..2.0 MINI has the same ease of installation as the entire range ..2.0.

A few simple steps:

  • make two holes in the wall
  • fasten the suppoting bracket
  • hang up the appliance
  • make the electrical connections

Less space!

Same depth and height as the classic ..2.0, but with less space. ..2.0 MINI, with a width of only 81 cm, is the smallest air conditioner in the range. Slim and compact, it can be installed even in the smallest spaces.


Thanks to the DC Inverter technology, the powers are optimized to obtain maximum comfort with lower consumption and noise. ..2.0 also minimizes CO2 emissions, thanks to the use of R290 propane refrigerant.

Without outdoor unit!

..2.0 MINI, like the entire ..2.0 range, is the highly efficient solution with a hyper-compact design capable of minimizing the aesthetic impact. With only 2 holes in the wall, it does not require bulky and unsightly external units. An ideal solution to be included in pre-existing building contexts.